Week 4

This week was very action-packed.

On Monday we visited our vet, Dr Sheeper. Murphy got a vaccination again. I reckon Murphy thinks that the vet is his playing buddy☺️ He had absolutely no problem with the injection, and he was so happy when he got his usual liver treats😄


On Tuesday we started flea control. And we also started puppy-school!😊 First lecture was held only for parents so Murphy stayed at home. After puppy school we took him for a long walk around the local lake, he was so energetic but at the end of the walk he suddenly became very tired so we took him in our lap home. This was a long day😏


Problems started on Wednesday. Murphy was sad, no energy, didn’t wanted to do anything! He scared us a bit.. But at the and of the day he was playful again so we tought it’s all good.


On Thursday morning he was sad and lethargic again😔He didn’t even wanted to chew and tear my clothes!😔And his poop was no good😔 We were afraid that he has the parvo😔So I took him back to the vet..Fortunately the vet told that this is definitely not parvo but some inflammation..huhh. Murphy got another vaccination and some tablets, and now one day later I can tell that he is way much better!😍


He is with us only for 4 weeks today, but I feel now that I wouldn’t survive if anything bad would happen to him❤️I love my Murphy to the moon and back🐶❤️👩🏻


We both love him so much!!!😊👫🐾💕



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