Week 5, weekend

We had a nice weekend again😎

🔸We went to the beach twice and Murphy got new friends again, 3 beautiful straffies🐶🐶🐶🐶!😄

🔸We were doing some cleaning ‘together’😜

🔸He got a large bucket premium food cause his appetite is so good that he could even eat a horse😏


Then he got new toys cause we thought that after 4 weeks he might be bored with the ‘old’ ones😋 Sure he have already killed some nice ones on the very first day👍🏼😄

He also destroyed some nice clothes, as well as our modular lounge.👍🏼👍🏼😳😏

(no pics cause they’re🔞)

Anyway. We➡️had➡️some➡️fun➡️though➡️

Something scary->While eating our modular lounge (meanwhile we were doing some cleaning stuff in the kitchen) he almost swallowed a staple!!!😲😲😲Fortunately Greg realized this on time so no trouble all good so far!👍🏼(How can we live easy after that.?!?😲😵)

What’s 100% sure->>>
We’ll do our best for you Murphy, forevermore💕
We just love you SMURPHY😄🐶❤️
Every time when we arrive at home he is running to us, and even when he is playing with one of his (still intact) toys he wants to be as close to us as possible💕😊

Aaand some more> he has another cute habit he started snoring🤗
We were curious what can be the reason of that..google says it is because his sleep is really deep and this is because he feels very secure with us😍(of course we will doublecheck this with Dr Scheeper too😊)

Well, it’s monday now.
Tomorrow we go to puppy school again yay!!!😃
Can’t wait it!!!☺️🐕📝😊


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