Week 6, weekend

It seems that finally summer has arrived!!!☀️😊We had a very hot weekend..Murphy doesn’t really like it🙁 Despite the weather of course he got his new adventures 😊 Cause he is a beach person(puppy) we went together to the beach both day☺️

🔻We were walking on the shore


🔻were watching the waves


and Murphy was swimming like no one else!


Good boy, mom is so proud!!!😍


And dad too!!!😊


Well he enjoys swimming better day by day, but he is still scared of the waves. No worries we gonna get over this!👍🏼😊

🔻Sure we met some new friends again☺️

🔻🔻🔻Making friends is easy-peasy for Murphy😀He is a cool proud bilingual NSW lab, maybe that’s why✌🏽️😁🔻🔻🔻


But mom and dad think that SA (spiced up with some hungarian folks👫) is not bad either😏I’ve got a feeling we’re on the right track😃



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