Troubles, troubles, troubles

Seriously, we both did not have any idea how difficult is to raise a puppy properly. Of course it’s worth!❤️If I see him being happy, this makes me happy too!❤️If I see that he is sad because he is sick I feel my heart gonna break💔

When we arrived from work on monday afternoon we realized that his left eye’s upper eyelid was swollen. Because sometimes Murphy is running and running around so fast like a speedtrain we thought that maybe he just hit himself while playing-we were alert but because he was in a very good mood we did not take him to the vet directly.

Tuesday his left eye was nice again. But not the right one. This time his below eyelid swelled😢 So we took him back to the vet.

Here I go again Dr Scheeper!!!🐶

Vet is like a second home for Murphy..we go there every week✌🏽️🐶👫 Dr Scheeper give some liver treats and an injection to Murphy. And tablets which he needs to take for a week.

In the afternoon we had puppy school again(Dr Scheeper told we can go), which was fun as always😊

The evening was awesome, so was our monday morning walk.

But around 12 he’s eyes got swollen again!!!!!😢😢😢

I called the vet, and I have sent them some photos,  fortunately they calmed me down. They told it’s gonna be food allergy. So we need to change his diet. We gonna took Murphy back in half an hour to talk about the details. I hope that everything’s gonna be alright very soon🐶

UPDATE, 4.30 pm

We just came home from the vet. Dr Scheeper was not in today but Lisa Dr Scheepers partner helped us. Murphy has food allergy. He will be on prescription food for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks we need to buy a lamb based dry food with coconut oil. Lisa proposed the Ivory coat brand, so we gonna swap to this👍🏼

Fingers crossed that we will be finally fine!🐶👫



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