Finally Friday yay!☺️

I am so happy that Murphy is much more better now! His face is pretty again, his eyes are not swollen at all, his ears are nice and thin again, and he does not scratch himself so often-probably his skin is not itching that much now. Poor little guy! I have some idea how he felt because when I was a kid I had strong allergy which made our life pretty hard back then. I feel so sorry for what he should have got through. I hope from the bottom of my heart that no more bad things gonna happen to him in all of his future life!🐾

Well it seems everything is back to normal now and this friday was pretty awesome so far😊 After waking up together in the morning


we had our usual morning fights

Then we decided to start looking for new adventures. Murphy loves all of the animals and every time we see one we should stop and watch what’s going on😊

It seems he was not a plant person today..Not proud at all, next time I should pay more attention and act quicker..😳

Well this was the fun stuff.
Since it’s summer now temperature is higher and higher. While walking we usually stop many times cause we need to snoop around and take a smell at every single leaf of grass. So did we this way today too.
Fortunately one of my thongs was broken so I needed to take it off and continue the walk barefoot.
And this was our luck!!!
The footpath was pretty hot, it was bad for me so it must have been bad for Murphy too!!!😕 I tried to keep walking on grass covered areas, or I took and carried him in my lap(it was not easy you bet, he’s 15 kgs now😏)
If anytime anyone gonna read my blog, people, please be careful during summertime! What hurts your feet it definitely hurts your puppies little paws too. Be careful, test the pathway first!!! I will for sure❤️



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