Week 7, weekend☀️

This weekend was pretty nice. Not too hot, not too cold, perfect for a furry lab pup!😊

Quote of the weekend was ‘Eat, sleep, play, repeat’🔃

Since now we are on a prescription diet  for 2 weeks, Murphy can eat nothing but the prescription food.
Fortunately Lisa (vet lady) gave a magic can of wet food, so mom could prepare some treats for the Boss🐶😀

Surprisingly this prescription diet food taste like a 5 Michelin star meal,
Murphy is finishing it off in a minute-and actually it is working. No more swollen face, and the itching has eased a lot..so happy!💕😊


Dad was busy too!😊During the weekend he set together a fancy pallet bed👏🏼Murphy has no doubt that this one was meant for him..so he just took it😄Lab life is tough😎

There is no weekend without beach moments. Murphy is hooked on snooping around and chasing those special beach stuff like wracks as well as shells and dead fishes, sometimes it’s so yucky😳so we need to be very careful!

Since mom and dad are sometimes lazy😏 our favourite play is that we both are standing, there’s about 50 metres between us, and we roll about his tennis ball. Of course he wanna catch it☺️So he needs to run. Lot of running there..Parents and puppy all happy!😄


In fact, doesn’t matter if there’s a weekend or a weekday. If we are healthy, every day is fun day😎☀️👦🏻🐶👩🏻




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