This week was very special➡️➡️➡️Murphy graduated from puppy-preschool!!!🎓🙌🏼

This is how a graduate looks🔝💯😄

🔹He did all of his tricks➡️

🔹He got a diploma and tons of treats

‘I’ve got a diploma! I’m a graduate like my mom!☺️’

⏩We are suuuuuperproud of him🙋🏻🙋🏻‍♂️

The cleverpuppycrew and some proud parents☺️

Thanks Marta and Tiffany, you were great trainers, we’ll definitely come back for more!!!👍🏼😊

Note: We were a little bit late from the last puppy class, cause we had an appointment with the vet again. Murphy get his final vaccination, against heart worm. Now he is not just supereducated but also  superprotected (fingers crossed). We are still on that right track I guess!👍🏼👫🐶😊


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