Christmas, 2017🎄

Just the three of us👦🏻🐶👩🏻

Our first Christmas was really sweet😊 Mom and dad got 2 day offs so we had 4 days together!😄

Being hungarians our big day, Boxing Day is 24th December.
It was pretty hot so we started the day at the beach

Mr Murphy is a beach bum like his mom😎

Then later in the afternoon the boys set up the Christmas tree while mom was cooking and baking

Murphy was a good boy this year so Santa brought him presents of course☺️ One lucky boy🎁☺️The night was awesome, I reckon we couldn’t have been happier😊

Sunday, 25th December
was extremely hot. This day Adelaide was the hottest capital city on the planet, it was 41C! So we stayed at home daytime, and went to the beach in the late afternoon to cool down a bit.

And guess who we met!

Hello Toby!!!!!!!!!!🤗🐶🐶

Yep we met another Murphy😊In fact, he’s name was Toby! Toby is a 2 years old chocolate lab. Really beautiful, calm young gentleman😊Murphy was superexcited when they met!😍

We had a nice chat with his parents, a very useful one. They told that Toby had similar skin problems when he was a puppy. He had a surgery too😔. They told us that they are feeding Toby with ‘Stay Loyal’. We just start feeding Murphy with ‘Ivory Coat’, but we gonna keep this brand on mind. Anyway, they told us that Toby is a very healthy boy since then, he’s very smart and superfriendly, very  nice with their 3 little girls too, so he is the best family dog that ever can be! Well, we believe them easily😊 We are just for 8 weeks together with Murphy, but we both can’t imagine our life without him❤️🐶😊 The best thing that could happen to us is that he become a part of our family.

Since it was raining both day Monday and Tuesday we did nothing else but relaxing. Somehow like this->>

Watching Planet Earth together. Cool👍🏼😊

All in all, I can tell that we had a great time☺️ Christmas is over, but we are not sad at all csuse thanks God finally summer has arrived!☀️🌞☀️Looking forward to the new adventures!!!😄✨✌🏼


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