Grandma and Grandpa stayed 4 weeks with us here in Adelaide😃🌏 Back home, in Hungary they don’t have any fur babies, they never had. Maybe just back then when they were kids😏

I was afraid how Murphy and they can live together cause grandparents are nice calm people, and Murphy..😏’Overexcited’ and ‘overenergized’ don’t express properly how he is🙈

Finally everything was fine. They got to know each other day by day better and better. While me and Greg were at work, grandma and grandpa cared about Murphy: they gave him his meals, were walking together, and playing a lot.

During the four weeks we were pretty active cause we wanted to show my parents the place we live.
Sure Murphy came to most of the places with us😊👍🏼

We needed to leave him home for some days only when we travelled to Sydney for a long weekend.
After lots of thinking we decided to take him to the Penfield Kennels, close to our home.

On the way to the kennel🐶🎾🐕⚾️🐩😮😊

The guys at the Kennel were very nice and seemed very professional. I remember though when we just left him there I was crying like a baby…😏
While in Sydney I wrote a letter to the Kennel guys asking how Murphy was..they wrote this letter to us:


He did well, and he had fun❤🐶

We enjoyed Sydney very much, but it was also good to come back and meet our baby again😍

Those four weeks gone so quickly..Grandparents and grandkid are in love now❤😍

They gonna miss each other..

I hope they come back soon!!!👨🏻🐶👩🏻

Family portrait😀☀️

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