‘This is a beginning of a beautiful friendship’

Murphy is getting more active day by day. Walking, running, playing with a ball – doesn’t matter, he just needs to be entertained! If possible all day long😏

Until now our ultimate place was the beach. We are lucky here in Adelaide cause the beach is almost at our doorstep😊Murphy loves running and sniffling around there, and he also can meet other puppies which is always fun! Problem with a beach is that if it’s too busy we need to keep him on a leash. If you can’t run free it’s not fun, isn’it?

Fortunately recently we realized that there is a pretty good dog park here just from 200 metres from our home😃It is big, grassy, full with garden hoses, birds which can be chased and (usually) full with other puppies to hang around with!

And now I think I can happily announce that Murphy has found his best friend!!!😊 Meet Jett, this beautiful 11 years old (but still nice and playful!) lovely lady!🐶🐕


A six month old crazy little retriever boy and an 11 years old experienced hound lady. I’m so happy when I see them together!😍






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