Just a thought

We have such a beautiful autumn here in South Australia and we prefer to spend as much time outside as we can. Weekdays are busy with work,  but the weekends are reserved strictly for quality family time!

Bad luck, this weekend I got sick😔 I was lying in my bed all saturday and couldn’t eat or drink much but some rice cracker and a musli bar.

Murphy🐶..every time if we start to eat something, or only if we come to the kitchen, he is there too in no time, and tries to get what he deserves (=our breakfast, lunch or dinner😏)

But not this time. Every time I started to eat, he came to my bed, and just let me eat, without attempting to obtain my snacks. This never happened before!💕 I think he felt that I need that food better than him❤

He’s such a good boy, with a heart of gold💛💛💛

My little Gentleman🎩❤

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