Previously in Murphywonderlabland🔙

The other day (a little bit late but) finally we celebrated Murphy’s Halfyearbirthday!🎂🐶 I made a birthday cake for him and I think he liked it cause he ate it in no time😮😄

Otherwise our days are good, always action packed, we’re never bored!😊

Of course every day we go out together, even if it’s raining or if it’s cold, we don’t care, we never stop!!!😄


Murphy is growing so fast, now he’s a big boy..25 kg, strong, healthy, handsome guy🐶 I still love everything about him!😊

I 💙when he wakes up, he comes to our bed. He starts watching..then he jumps up to the bed and starts licking our face. In doggy language this means he loves us😍

I 💙when he thinks that he’s gonna get some food, he’s there, and he’s staring with that angel face, while he’s licking his mouth☺️

I 💙 when he’s eating a carrot🐶🥕🥕🥕😍


I 💙 his smell-especially his head and his paws. I’m not sure if this is normal😏

I 💙 the way he sleeps. This melts my heart❤

I 💙 even his snoring. This is very loud actually❤😄

I 💙 while we’re walking, he wants to smell everything! And his nose is moving and moving, extrasupercute😍Sometimes he stops to smell something, then he makes a quick decision then starts to run and tries to find that other thing he felt in the air. Like an agent. Very purposive. Agent Murphy🕵🏽


I 💙 it so much when we arrive home, he runs to the door to meet us asap😊We always hear his steps😊And then when we meet, he’s so excited, we all are so lucky!☀️✨🌈

I 💙 to watch when he’s running, especially when he’s chasing the birds. Any birds. He sneaks and runs but I reckon he’s never gonna catch any of them..🐥🦆🦅😊


I 💙 the way he swims! He’s supercute!!!😍 Heads up, nose up into the sky, serious face. Nice self confident movements like pros!👍🏼😊


We💙 to play with him😄🎾🎋

When we are not together, I think of him VERY often. And every time I think of him, I’m smiling. He makes me happy☀️😊Even I have no more privacy🤘🏼😊

I can’t imagine my life without Murphy anymore😊Probably cause I❤Him😊

‼️Spoiler alert: even life is not just ‘Love&Laugh’-style all the time😏‼️



Teenager things.. REAL problems are just starting I guess..Someone help me, you Lord maybe🙏🏼

Recently I wanted to write about our chocolate doggy’s eating habits. But I postpone this one, cause what’s going on at the moment is more important..

Murphy is 6 month old now! Time’s  passing so fast!

About 3 weeks ago we realized that his behaviour started to change:

-his energy doubled, needs definitely more exercise every day

-every time he’s tired or dissatisfied or doesn’t like something, well, he started to bite dad and mom with those puppy teeth.

-He’s favourite toy is not the beaver anymore. He prefers the pillow, and the blanket. 🔞–>


We (especially me) didn’t know that ‘this kind of nature things’ will happen so fast..😇 Of course I think this is cute😊

-but, what’s the main issue now, he doesn’t want to obey anymore – especially when we are outside..

Yesterday was a milestone:

we took him to the local beach, cause ->running around withouth a leash then ->swimming in the sea with dad is the best thing in the world. We went there at twilight, after work and stuff.

Now. We live together, we care and we are listening to each other.

It seems recently Murphy is ignoring the ‘Listening to each other’ part..👿

Yesterday he got his freedom, without his leash. He started to run and run around, and discover. Finally he noticed an old lady. We told: ‘Come, Murphy’

he seemed he’s listening..Then he looked at the lady. Then he looked at us. And again, he looked at the lady. And..he have choosen the lady😬😭😬😭😭

Dr Scheeper (vet) reminded us that his behaviour -being a healthy male doggy-can be difficult laterand shortly we might desex Murphy. I don’t really would like to do this..

At the moment me and Greg are on the same page: our little one needs definitely more education. Mainly here at home. And maybe, the obedience class is not a bad idea either!🎓👍🏼😊


P.S.: We love you Murphy!!!❤You are perfect!!!❤❤❤😍😍😍😊😊😊


Grandma and Grandpa stayed 4 weeks with us here in Adelaide😃🌏 Back home, in Hungary they don’t have any fur babies, they never had. Maybe just back then when they were kids😏

I was afraid how Murphy and they can live together cause grandparents are nice calm people, and Murphy..😏’Overexcited’ and ‘overenergized’ don’t express properly how he is🙈

Finally everything was fine. They got to know each other day by day better and better. While me and Greg were at work, grandma and grandpa cared about Murphy: they gave him his meals, were walking together, and playing a lot.

During the four weeks we were pretty active cause we wanted to show my parents the place we live.
Sure Murphy came to most of the places with us😊👍🏼

We needed to leave him home for some days only when we travelled to Sydney for a long weekend.
After lots of thinking we decided to take him to the Penfield Kennels, close to our home.

On the way to the kennel🐶🎾🐕⚾️🐩😮😊

The guys at the Kennel were very nice and seemed very professional. I remember though when we just left him there I was crying like a baby…😏
While in Sydney I wrote a letter to the Kennel guys asking how Murphy was..they wrote this letter to us:


He did well, and he had fun❤🐶

We enjoyed Sydney very much, but it was also good to come back and meet our baby again😍

Those four weeks gone so quickly..Grandparents and grandkid are in love now❤😍

They gonna miss each other..

I hope they come back soon!!!👨🏻🐶👩🏻

Family portrait😀☀️

January, 2017

January was full of beaches

walkings and friends

good food


some troubles

as well as a big shock➡️➡️➡️⏩⏩⏩

The other day we noticed, that one battery is missing from the tv remote controller. The other battery was puppy teeth…We were searching and searching but we couldn’t find a battery…!!! Murphy was happy, not much strange with him.

We gave him milk and fruits, to make his digestion quicker(as per advice of a vet). Nothing happened…..We also tested his body with metal detector.

No result.

Finally it turned out that he did not eat the battery at all! It just stucked into a fold of his puppy bed..😱😏😏😏

We don’t know how he got the remote controller…but now we put all of them to the top of the fridge, which is the highest open spot of the house..😊👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Yet we had many funny and lovely moments too!😍

But what’s the best, THEY arrived!!! Wohoooooo!!!!😄

GRANDMA & GRANDPA from Hungary!!!!!!!!😄🐶😄🐶😄🐶😄🐶😄🐶😄


2016 was a pretty good year! Mom graduated from uni👩🏻‍🎓, Dad bought a Jeep🚙, we were travelling quite a lot within and outside of Australia✈️ and,  we got Murphy🐶❤ 👫

Now, bye-bye 2016👋🏼😊

One of the last surprise kisses from mom in 2016😏Many-many more are yet to come in 2017😍

Hello 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣❗️❗️❗️💯🔝🚀😄



Christmas, 2017🎄

Just the three of us👦🏻🐶👩🏻

Our first Christmas was really sweet😊 Mom and dad got 2 day offs so we had 4 days together!😄

Being hungarians our big day, Boxing Day is 24th December.
It was pretty hot so we started the day at the beach

Mr Murphy is a beach bum like his mom😎

Then later in the afternoon the boys set up the Christmas tree while mom was cooking and baking

Murphy was a good boy this year so Santa brought him presents of course☺️ One lucky boy🎁☺️The night was awesome, I reckon we couldn’t have been happier😊

Sunday, 25th December
was extremely hot. This day Adelaide was the hottest capital city on the planet, it was 41C! So we stayed at home daytime, and went to the beach in the late afternoon to cool down a bit.

And guess who we met!

Hello Toby!!!!!!!!!!🤗🐶🐶

Yep we met another Murphy😊In fact, he’s name was Toby! Toby is a 2 years old chocolate lab. Really beautiful, calm young gentleman😊Murphy was superexcited when they met!😍

We had a nice chat with his parents, a very useful one. They told that Toby had similar skin problems when he was a puppy. He had a surgery too😔. They told us that they are feeding Toby with ‘Stay Loyal’. We just start feeding Murphy with ‘Ivory Coat’, but we gonna keep this brand on mind. Anyway, they told us that Toby is a very healthy boy since then, he’s very smart and superfriendly, very  nice with their 3 little girls too, so he is the best family dog that ever can be! Well, we believe them easily😊 We are just for 8 weeks together with Murphy, but we both can’t imagine our life without him❤️🐶😊 The best thing that could happen to us is that he become a part of our family.

Since it was raining both day Monday and Tuesday we did nothing else but relaxing. Somehow like this->>

Watching Planet Earth together. Cool👍🏼😊

All in all, I can tell that we had a great time☺️ Christmas is over, but we are not sad at all csuse thanks God finally summer has arrived!☀️🌞☀️Looking forward to the new adventures!!!😄✨✌🏼