Just a thought

We have such a beautiful autumn here in South Australia and we prefer to spend as much time outside as we can. Weekdays are busy with work,  but the weekends are reserved strictly for quality family time!

Bad luck, this weekend I got sick😔 I was lying in my bed all saturday and couldn’t eat or drink much but some rice cracker and a musli bar.

Murphy🐶..every time if we start to eat something, or only if we come to the kitchen, he is there too in no time, and tries to get what he deserves (=our breakfast, lunch or dinner😏)

But not this time. Every time I started to eat, he came to my bed, and just let me eat, without attempting to obtain my snacks. This never happened before!💕 I think he felt that I need that food better than him❤

He’s such a good boy, with a heart of gold💛💛💛

My little Gentleman🎩❤


2016 was a pretty good year! Mom graduated from uni👩🏻‍🎓, Dad bought a Jeep🚙, we were travelling quite a lot within and outside of Australia✈️ and,  we got Murphy🐶❤ 👫

Now, bye-bye 2016👋🏼😊

One of the last surprise kisses from mom in 2016😏Many-many more are yet to come in 2017😍

Hello 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣❗️❗️❗️💯🔝🚀😄



Finally Friday yay!☺️

I am so happy that Murphy is much more better now! His face is pretty again, his eyes are not swollen at all, his ears are nice and thin again, and he does not scratch himself so often-probably his skin is not itching that much now. Poor little guy! I have some idea how he felt because when I was a kid I had strong allergy which made our life pretty hard back then. I feel so sorry for what he should have got through. I hope from the bottom of my heart that no more bad things gonna happen to him in all of his future life!🐾

Well it seems everything is back to normal now and this friday was pretty awesome so far😊 After waking up together in the morning


we had our usual morning fights

Then we decided to start looking for new adventures. Murphy loves all of the animals and every time we see one we should stop and watch what’s going on😊

It seems he was not a plant person today..Not proud at all, next time I should pay more attention and act quicker..😳

Well this was the fun stuff.
Since it’s summer now temperature is higher and higher. While walking we usually stop many times cause we need to snoop around and take a smell at every single leaf of grass. So did we this way today too.
Fortunately one of my thongs was broken so I needed to take it off and continue the walk barefoot.
And this was our luck!!!
The footpath was pretty hot, it was bad for me so it must have been bad for Murphy too!!!😕 I tried to keep walking on grass covered areas, or I took and carried him in my lap(it was not easy you bet, he’s 15 kgs now😏)
If anytime anyone gonna read my blog, people, please be careful during summertime! What hurts your feet it definitely hurts your puppies little paws too. Be careful, test the pathway first!!! I will for sure❤️


Week 5, weekend

We had a nice weekend again😎

🔸We went to the beach twice and Murphy got new friends again, 3 beautiful straffies🐶🐶🐶🐶!😄

🔸We were doing some cleaning ‘together’😜

🔸He got a large bucket premium food cause his appetite is so good that he could even eat a horse😏


Then he got new toys cause we thought that after 4 weeks he might be bored with the ‘old’ ones😋 Sure he have already killed some nice ones on the very first day👍🏼😄

He also destroyed some nice clothes, as well as our modular lounge.👍🏼👍🏼😳😏

(no pics cause they’re🔞)

Anyway. We➡️had➡️some➡️fun➡️though➡️

Something scary->While eating our modular lounge (meanwhile we were doing some cleaning stuff in the kitchen) he almost swallowed a staple!!!😲😲😲Fortunately Greg realized this on time so no trouble all good so far!👍🏼(How can we live easy after that.?!?😲😵)

What’s 100% sure->>>
We’ll do our best for you Murphy, forevermore💕
We just love you SMURPHY😄🐶❤️
Every time when we arrive at home he is running to us, and even when he is playing with one of his (still intact) toys he wants to be as close to us as possible💕😊

Aaand some more> he has another cute habit he started snoring🤗
We were curious what can be the reason of that..google says it is because his sleep is really deep and this is because he feels very secure with us😍(of course we will doublecheck this with Dr Scheeper too😊)

Well, it’s monday now.
Tomorrow we go to puppy school again yay!!!😃
Can’t wait it!!!☺️🐕📝😊

Importance of the decent daily walks

If you have a lab puppy, you should take him out for a walk every single day. These little muffins want to discover the whole world! You just can’t locked them in a house. You can go anywhere, just gooo!!! Murphy needs his walk every day.


Today we find a new route. He discovered some palmtrees✔️


Tasted some thujas✔️


Tasted some summer flowers and fresh leaves✔️


Was lost in nature✔️


Just an average day👑