Previously in Murphywonderlabland🔙

The other day (a little bit late but) finally we celebrated Murphy’s Halfyearbirthday!🎂🐶 I made a birthday cake for him and I think he liked it cause he ate it in no time😮😄

Otherwise our days are good, always action packed, we’re never bored!😊

Of course every day we go out together, even if it’s raining or if it’s cold, we don’t care, we never stop!!!😄


Murphy is growing so fast, now he’s a big boy..25 kg, strong, healthy, handsome guy🐶 I still love everything about him!😊

I 💙when he wakes up, he comes to our bed. He starts watching..then he jumps up to the bed and starts licking our face. In doggy language this means he loves us😍

I 💙when he thinks that he’s gonna get some food, he’s there, and he’s staring with that angel face, while he’s licking his mouth☺️

I 💙 when he’s eating a carrot🐶🥕🥕🥕😍


I 💙 his smell-especially his head and his paws. I’m not sure if this is normal😏

I 💙 the way he sleeps. This melts my heart❤

I 💙 even his snoring. This is very loud actually❤😄

I 💙 while we’re walking, he wants to smell everything! And his nose is moving and moving, extrasupercute😍Sometimes he stops to smell something, then he makes a quick decision then starts to run and tries to find that other thing he felt in the air. Like an agent. Very purposive. Agent Murphy🕵🏽


I 💙 it so much when we arrive home, he runs to the door to meet us asap😊We always hear his steps😊And then when we meet, he’s so excited, we all are so lucky!☀️✨🌈

I 💙 to watch when he’s running, especially when he’s chasing the birds. Any birds. He sneaks and runs but I reckon he’s never gonna catch any of them..🐥🦆🦅😊


I 💙 the way he swims! He’s supercute!!!😍 Heads up, nose up into the sky, serious face. Nice self confident movements like pros!👍🏼😊


We💙 to play with him😄🎾🎋

When we are not together, I think of him VERY often. And every time I think of him, I’m smiling. He makes me happy☀️😊Even I have no more privacy🤘🏼😊

I can’t imagine my life without Murphy anymore😊Probably cause I❤Him😊

‼️Spoiler alert: even life is not just ‘Love&Laugh’-style all the time😏‼️